Merit Sensor, a subsidiary of Merit Medical, has been closely monitoring the impact of COVID-19 and the effects on our operations, supply chain, and personnel.  We want to assure you that we are taking every precautionary step to ensure that you receive uninterrupted support from our company. Merit has formed a COVID-19 operations task force that meets daily to stay on top of local, national, and international news and related changes in order to direct the organization appropriately. Below we have listed the most important factors related to our business continuity.


Merit Sensor has instituted several steps to ensure the health and safety of its employees. Non-essential employees have been asked to work from home. Additionally, the temperature of every employee who enters the manufacturing site is being taken while the employee remains in his/her car. We have also asked that all meetings be conducted via video conferencing and that social distancing be implemented during breaks and lunches. The cleaning of the premises has also been stepped up to prevent the spread of the virus among the essential employees required to be onsite. Merit does employ a Chief Medical Officer and has a clinic onsite to assist any employee who may feel unwell.

Supply Chain & Logistics

Merit is not currently suffering from any shortage of materials as a result of COVID-19. We always try to mitigate our risk by having more than one supplier or requiring suppliers to produce at multiple sites. We also maintain several months of raw materials to aid with such occurrences. Presently, COVID-19 has not caused any disruptions to our supply, operations, or delivery of products. We are taking every precaution to ensure that manufacturing operations and delivery remain uninterrupted, and that ample product supply is available to continue to meet our customers’ needs.

You can be assured that Merit is doing everything in its power to ensure that our customers are supported in every way possible. We will continue to provide you with ongoing updates as the situation changes.  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us directly.

Sincerely yours,

Rick Russell, President