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Key Sensors for eBikes: Boosting Functionality and Safety

For an eBike to achieve maximum performance and safety, whether on the city streets or mountain trails, maintenance of optimal tire pressure is critical. Cutting-edge technologies produced by Merit Sensor empower cyclists to monitor tire pressure in real time, enabling dynamic adjustments to optimize the riding experience. The Rise of Electric Bicycles The world experienced […]

Understanding the Use and Function of MEMS Piezoresistive Pressure Sensors

In this interview, AZoSensors talks to Scott Sidwell, Engineering Manager at Merit Sensor Systems, about MEMS piezoresistive pressure sensors, silicon dies, and how these are all utilized across a range of industries. Could you provide us with some background information on pressure sensors and their significance in various industries? Pressure sensors are vital components that […]

Choosing the Right Sensor for Harsh Environments in Fuel Cell Technology

Electric vehicles (EVs) have recently gained a huge amount of attention in the evolving transportation landscape. According to the latest statistics, an estimated 14 million EVs are projected to be sold in 2023, reflecting a 35% year-on-year increase.1 Fuel cell EVs have also attracted attention from major players in the auto industry, including Toyota, Honda, and BMW.2,3,4 […]

Creating Accurate Blood Pressure Sensors for Medical Equipment

In the medical industry, blood pressure monitoring is essential. Readings are used to evaluate general health and diagnose diseases. High blood pressure, otherwise known as hypertension, is a serious health risk and can also be indicative of other health problems.1 Thus, accurate and reliable blood pressure monitoring data is essential to ensure positive health outcomes […]

Enhancing Pressure Transducer Performance with the S-Series Die

A pressure transducer is capable of accurately measuring pressure. It converts applied pressure into an electric signal and can be classified as an active or passive pressure measurement device. Various designs of pressure transducers are available depending on whether absolute or relative pressure measurements are required. Originally developed to measure minimal pressure changes, pressure transducers gained widespread […]

How Can Pressure Sensors Enhance Pneumatic Pressure Control in Robotics?

As part of increased automation and Industry 4.0 developments, robots had to become ‘smarter.’1 Regarding automation, smarter robots are those with more advanced sensors that have the ability to be integrated with data analysis and feedback systems. One of the most common robot types in the industry are robotic arms. They have many uses, from lifting […]

Pressure Sensors and Their Use in Aquatic and Underwater Applications

Pressure sensors are essential safety and logistic equipment in a number of underwater applications. For scuba diving, a reliable depth gauge or diving watch is crucial to estimating diving depth and ensuring safe ascent and descent. Historically, many dive watches and depth gauges have been analog designs. Digital pressure sensors have several advantages over analog […]

Implementing Pressure Sensors into HVAC Systems

HVAC systems are vital when it comes to ensuring indoor air quality, health, and inhabitant comfort management.1 HVAC systems also have a central role in enhancing a building’s energy efficiency, as HVAC systems represent almost 50 % of the total energy consumption of buildings in the US and 20 % of all total energy consumption.2 Global […]

Electric Vehicle Cooling Systems and the Role of Pressure Sensors

The rise in popularity and uptake of electric vehicles cannot simply be put into words; one has to look at the data. Research carried out by the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) in 2017 determined that global annual electric vehicle sales were increasing nearly at an exponential rate.1 By the end of 2020, more […]

Why a Pressure Sensor’s Packaging Matters

System developers who require pressure sensing capabilities where the sensor will be exposed to harsh media and extended temperature should know that packaging is critical to improve the pressure sensor’s reliability. Pressure sensors are often exposed to harsh fluids, such as gas, oil, refrigerant, and other caustic solvents that can damage the sensor’s circuitry if […]